Safety Tip


SHOPPING ONLINE – Be Safe – Do not make any purchases or give out personal information to websites you are unfamiliar with. Take the time to read and understand the website’s Refund Policy (Money-Back Guarantee), terms of use, Disclaimers and/or Privacy Polices. If you are paying for goods and services, all the companies contact information and Privacy Policies should be available and easily located.

BE CAREFUL – Your money is in your own hands, you are in control, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Do not visit websites you find from your junk email folder (Spam) unless you are a subscriber of that service, and the email ended up in your Junk folder. Delete all emails you do not recognize. If you are unsure, contact the website before you make a purchase or give out any financial information. There are plenty of legitimate websites and Online Businesses that are offering what you are searching for. You can avoid being scammed simply by taking your time to make the smart choices.

SECURITY IS KEY – Be Secure and Safe! To further protect your financial information, first understand how the website is charging or collecting your personal information for payment purposes as it may not be the same website who is charging or collecting your credentials as they may be using a third-party service to exploit that information. You can find out their safety information and reputation many ways in the market place by visiting their website directly and/or searching via,,, or many other web browsers. You can find out if the website is secure or not by following the basic rule of:

Regular Page start with: http://

Secure Page Start with: https://

SECURE PAGES – Secure pages are encrypted and used for security and/or online financial transaction purposes. Be safe and secure, look for the following when determining if a website is secure: https://, takes your financial security seriously, therefore we use reputable third party financial services, which is PayPal. We do not collect any financial information or financial data, under our own website, the page is redirected to PayPal for payment purposes. If you have any questions regarding the safety of your financial data when paying through our website, please read the security policies on their website,